Frontiers Music Srl recording artist DECARLO – featuring Tommy DeCarlo *singer for the legendary rock band Boston since 2007. DECARLO co-founded in 2012 with son Tommy Jr. The band released their debut album ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ in January 2020, earning them a featured article in popular BILLBOARD MAGAZINE as 2021 Grammy® contenders! Their chart-topping hit ‘You Are The Fire’ went viral on streaming platforms world-wide shortly after it’s release! Touring extensively in both the US and abroad, DECARLO made their overseas debut performance on April 29th. 2019 in Milan, Italy at the Frontiers Rock Festival!


Zoso – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience formed in 1995 to perform the most accurate and captivating Led Zeppelin live show since the real thing. For Zoso, it’s much more than just being a tribute. It’s about touching a golden era in music. Zoso embodies Page, Plant, Bonham and Jones in their spirit, tightly wound talent and authenticity

Blue Monday

Blue Monday is a tribute to the MTV generation…The MTV Classic’ s of the 80’s/90’s and a few guilty pleasures of today. They have staged years of experience and passion to create a new trend setting retro sound that audiences are familiar with and holds up strong in todays music.

On The Border – The Ultimate Eagles Tribute

“On the Border” is the most authentic Eagles Tribute in the World. Comprised of a multitude of musical talent and a knack for emulating the true recordings of the EAGLES themselves. Every show features all of the hits you love from the last 40+ years of the Eagles.